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Based in Vadodara, Gujarat, Destinee Visa World is one of the leading service providers involved in the process of offering Visa Services according to the requirement of the candidates and clients. Having visa is really important for travelling abroad for any purpose. However obtaining the visa can be a tiresome process without proper guidance of an expert. We have experts who can properly guide the clients in obtaining visa without any delay. Prompt and reliable Visa Services offered by us are highly appreciated by the clients.

Crossing of borders has become simplistic and easier with advancement of technology and trade by the concept of issuance of visas thereby, authenticating stay in a country. You can freely move in any part of the world, if you have been legally authorized for the same by the government officials of the country of your choice. All you will need is a passport and a visa validating the purpose of your stay in the host country. A passport is a document that substantiates the nationality of an individual. It is issued by the government of the country in the interest of its citizens to certify the nationality and identity of an individual which is accepted by government officials across the globe. You cannot enter a new country without holding a passport. A visa is a document or a stamping on your passport that legally permits you to enter a country of your choice. This document clearly states the purpose of your stay in the country. A visa, sure does give you the permission to travel to a country but the entry in the country is only permitted with the consent of the immigration officer at the time of entry. A non citizen can enter a country and freely move in the region only after the attainment of a visa. A visa also marks the time period of your intended stay in the country.

Every country has a different criterion for permitting the entry of people. The elements that might determine the acquisition of a visa can be listed as the financial status of an individual, the health status, the purpose of stay, the time period of the stay, details of previous visits, and security clearances. Government officials have specified the categories of visas that can be issued to citizens of different countries depending upon the relationship between two countries. These conditions are totally dependent upon the treaties signed by government officials. For instance citizens of Nepal and Bhutan are not required to produce a visa for entry into India. The mere production of an identity card can validate their stay in the country. On the other hand the Thailand Government has listed 19 countries, citizens of which can apply for a visa on arrival. There are numerous categories and classes under which you can apply for a visa or stay in a country.

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