New Zealand Visitor Visa

New Zealand is one of the youngest countries in the world, with the first settlers – the Maori – arriving barely 1,000 years ago. In fact, large-scale settlement by the Europeans only took place over the last 150 years. It is interesting to note that all New Zealanders are either immigrants, or descendants of immigrants. In spite of being a relatively small country, New Zealand has an incredible diversity of landscapes and wild life. The country’s easily accessible and beautiful countryside offers a wide range of leisure and lifestyle options.

While New Zealand’s economy has traditionally been based on agriculture, in recent years the country has developed a world-class, unrestrictive business environment. This exciting growth in New Zealand’s business market has led to a surge in employment and incomes, and has also given impetus to developments in technology. The new opportunities created have given rise to a need for skilled qualified personnel. With a population of only around four million, New Zealand is now actively promoting skilled immigration to fill labor shortages. Home to people from over 145 different countries, New Zealand is truly a multicultural society that welcomes and celebrates the richness and diversity of its people.

Passport Information
U.S. Passport or passport of any other nationality, must have at least 6 months remaining validity from the day of entry into the country for which VISA has been applied for. If validity is less than 6 months ETS will renew your passport (Fee’s apply).
New Zealand and the USA have a Visa Waiver Agreement, a US passport holder:

  • with return air tickets, or holding a valid on-wards ticket to a country the traveler has a right to enter
  • who has a passport valid for three months beyond the date you are leaving NZ,
  • who has proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the visit, and
  • is only wishing to visit for the time granted on arrival,
  • may visit New Zealand for tourism purposes for up to three months without a visa.

New Zealand Tourist Visa

  • Passport must be valid three months beyond the intended date of departure from New Zealand
  • Completed visitor’s visa application signed and dated by the applicant
  • A recent passport size photograph with applicants name printed on the back of it
  • Evidence of funds. This can be in the form of travelers’ cheques, bank draft, letter of credit from a bank, a recent bank statement or credit card statement ( American Express, Visa, Mastercard) showing available credit. Original statement plus one copy required
  • If returning to the U.S, applicants must produce evidence of their right of entry, ie either a valid visa or a notarised copy of both sides of their alien registration card.
  • Onward/return tickets or confirmed itinerary

Please note:
Written consent from both parents when child is unaccompanied or written consent from other parent when child is travelling with one parent only, or a custody agreement is in effect. In both cases, the original or certified true copy of the child’s full birth certificate is required.
The embassy/consulate may request additional paperwork as deemed necessary.