Applying through SPP or not !!


When one applies for a Canada Visa in Canadaian college, the option of either applying through SPP or not pops up. SPP’s full form is Student Partners Program. Even the colleges participating in the SPP program accept non-SPP applications. It is important to understand the main difference between these two applications and understand the number of documents that would be required to process the visa. There are differences between documents for both SPP and non-SPP application processes.

The Student Partners Program (SPP) has been replaced by the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program in India.
Study Direct Stream program accepts the fees for the whole year that is the annual fees instead of the semester fees. While the previous Student Partners Program was linked with the colleges the Study Direct Stream is directly linked with the students.

Under SPP Scheme a student can choose between the Student Partners Program (SPP) and non-SPP programs while applying for colleges and universities in Canada. While SDS excels the process for India students applying to the universities of Canada. This program is specially designed for students from India, Vietnam, Philippines, and China.

SPP scheme is an arrangement between the Canadian High Commission in India and Canadian colleges to serve students with easy and quick study visas resulting in the process faster as this prevents them to show a bunch of documents. SDS is introduced for aspiring students those are eligible and deserving of an opportunity to study abroad

The required documents under SPP are the letter of Acceptance from the participating colleges with IELTS score of 6.0 for UG courses and 6.5 for PG courses. Candidate should have at least 55% marks in class 12 for UG programs. Whereas for PG courses, bachelor’s degree or 3-4 years of advanced diploma with at least 50% marks with proof of employment and proof of tuition fee is required. It also needs payment proof of the purchase of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of 10,000 CAD Medical examination reports Visa fee of 150 CAD.

The SDS program requires an IELTS score of 6.0 for both UG and PG courses with the payment proof of full tuition fees for the first year. A Purchase of GIC of 10,000 CAD Students must apply in the colleges and universities that have a valid registered Designated Learning Institutions or DLI number Copy of the acceptance letter sent by the DLI Copy of medical examination reports