Why choose Russia

study in Russia
study in Russia
Study in Russia

The world has never seen enough doctors and people look forward to youngsters who choose this noble profession. Become a doctor, and serve humankind. Often when one decides to become a doctor the concern is for the course fees. If one has missed that medical seat for those couple of percentage points short from the cut-off mark? The faith shatters and hopes to become a doctor shakes. Before you decide to give away your dream contact us. Destinee Visa World is a place where desire meets destiny. We are here to guide you support you and let you accomplish your dreams.

Choose Russia for studying medicine. Russia, with the highest literacy rate in the world, is the first choice for higher studies at affordable costs. Its global standards of education with affordable costs makes it the first choice for students across the world to study medicine and other subjects. The free education system there guarantees all the citizens by the Constitution for the subsidized higher education. Russia emphasizes science and technology in education, Russian medical, mathematical, scientific, and aerospace research is generally of a high order. The teaching level is on a par including big small all the Universities. They have a trend of imparting education to students in small groups. This helps students to be attentive and teachers to focus on students’ educational requirements. The medical and technical universities of Russia have a niche for themselves and are counted among the top 100 medical Universities in the world.

Low-Cost Fees
Russia is very low when we compare it with other countries and especially when we compare it with India. Mbbs in Russia fees structure 2019-20 ranges from 18 lakhs to 27 lakhs.

Recognition of Russian Degree
The MBBS degree from Russia is accepted worldwide, as the degrees are provided by MCI Approved top-ranked medical Universities in Russia.

High-quality Education
All the Universities are equipped with world-class educational amenities and their entire focus is on imparting practical knowledge. The study modules are made in such a way that it can be easily understandable to the students.
Excellence Infrastructure
The environment and infrastructure play an important role to create a difference. The overseas students have traveled miles away from home hence the health and hygiene matter too. The medical universities are equipped with world-class amenities and equipment.

MCI & WHO Approved University
The universities in Russia are approved by MCI, WHO, and other top International institutions which make it easier for students to get hired as an intern or be recruited as a doctor in reputed Hospitals in India.

The language
The language used in the courses and programs in English. This makes the system easier for Indian students.

There is a list to mention about why choose Russia. Hence before you quit on your dreams. Contact Us, we can help you.